Jordan made all the difference!

- Carlton Rounds
After looking at a wide selection of apartments in the West Palm Beach area I had grown tired of the uninspired representatives I met at different properties. But, when my partner and I came to look at the Vue 1400 this all changed. Jordan, our lease facilitator, was so full of positive energy, good advice, and a kind of advocacy that we decided to seriously consider choosing her complex. Through our multiple tours, calls, emails and documentation process she kept herself available, gave quick replies, and supported our process. Being new to the area and to Florida, there were differences in procedure which she explained with a huge amount of patience and humor. I also have to note that she is the most stylish representative we have ever met. Competent, professional, warm, clear in her communications, detail focused, funny, humble and beautiful! Promote her because she is destined for a much greater level of responsibility and leadership either with your own organization, if you move swiftly, or with some other who has an eye for management talent.