Reviews can be Misleading

- Rebecca
Before moving into Vue, my boyfriend an I read all of the reviews online becuase we think customer satisfaction is important. We were very skeptical, but Vue was in our price range and we had to try it out. When we first moved in we had a roach problem. Just a few cockroaches came to visit us before we called the office to have the exterminator come out. They came out immediately, and for extra measure i went to home depot and bought bug spray. That solved the problem. We have been at our apartment for 9 months now and have not had another roach problem. There was a leaky faucet in our bathroom and after calling the office, it was immediately taken care of. The apartment complex has been taken over by new management this past year and it has been the best move they have made. The concrete walls allow you to rest peacefully and do not let your neighbors disturb you. I have also read that there were a lot of car break-ins which is expected for the area. Although we also have not had one problem with crime since we have lived there.
Apartment reviews are all based on how the tenet lives. Don't leave crumbs out or your valuables in your car and you wont have a roach or crime problem. That simple. The only complaint i would have is the price increase for the amount of sq. footage and the area that Vue is located. It is a little ridiculous, when down the street you can get more square footage for less price.
Other than that, Vue has been a pleasure to live in.